It is believed that L’Agulhas was discovered in the early 1400’s by the Portuguese and finally on 16 May 1488 Bartholomew Dias and named the most southern point of Africa after St Agulhas. The southernmost tip was christened Cabo dos Agulhas (Cape of Needles) by the Portuguese, but French influence later turned it to L’Agulhas.

The name is said to have been given to the cape because the compass-needle was seen to point due north at this location, that is, with no magnetic deviation. Tools found in the area date back to over a million years ago, having been made in the Early Stone Age, approximately 150 shipwrecks that dot its coastline and these are found predominantly around the most southern tip of Africa at L’Agulhas.

L'Agulhas Gin

A distinctive artisanal Gin with 8 distinctive Botanicals. A base of cane spirit and a little sea water from both the Atlantic & Indian oceans. This Gin is inspired by the most southern point on the African continent, our home L’Agulhas, its people and its history.


Distilled Cane spirit, a little seawater from both the Atlantic & Indian Oceans, eight botanicals some of which are found in the southern most areas of South Africa. Wild Buchu also known as Cape May and wild Honey Bush. This Gin is madein batches of 600Lt or less.


Subtle hints of Lemon and Lavender with Wild Buchu (Cape May), Coriander & Honey Bush followed with hints of spice from the Grains of Paradise.


Fresh Lemon peel on the initially, followed by hints of Wild Buchu & Lavender with the Honey Bush, Angelica Root and Coriander filling in the middle palate. Juniper has the star role followed on the back palate by spicy notes from the rains of Paradise.


Overberg Cape May (Wild Buchu), Honey Bush, Coriander, Lemon Peel, Angelica Root, Lavender, Grains of Paradise and of course Juniper.

Recommended Serve

Long: 50ml L’Agulhas Gin, sprig of fresh Mint, Lemon Grass, tonic & lots of ice.
Short: 50ml L’Agulhas Gin served over a single large ice ball with a fresh stick of Lemongrass.
Cocktail: 50ml L’Agulhas Gin, Apple Juice, fresh mint & lots of crushed ice.
43% ALCOHOL • 500ML